More Than Friends

My boyfriend said that he didn’t want a relationship anymore but now we still do all the things we used to before. We hook up, cuddle, and talk about the important things in our lives. Are we still dating?

Sex Site Betrayal

I am 2 months into marriage and I found out that my husband has been secretly visiting an online sex hookup website. I am devastated and angry, but I don’t even know what to say.

Best Friends, Or So I thought

I wanted to ask my roommate and “best friend” to be in my wedding until I found out some stuff recently and now I’m torn. She talks about me behind my back and disrespects me every chance she gets. Am I crazy for wanting to cut her out?

Romantic Obsession from the Past

I know this is unhealthy but I can’t stop obsessing about a college girlfriend from a long time ago. I have been happily married to an amazing woman for over 8 years, but every time I think about my ex-girlfriend I feel like my heart is being ripped open.

Emotionless Fiancé led to Affair

I was with my past boyfriend/ fiancé for 7 years. I loved him to pieces and we were best friends. My only complaint was his lack of emotion. I had seen him cry one time and I don’t even know if it was actually a tear. There may have been something in his eye. He was stone cold.

Lust or Like

I started dating this guy from one of my college classes but I am so confused. It feels like I’m chasing him. Is he shy and nervous or playing me?

The Tyranny of “How are you?”

When I moved to Chicago several years ago I started noticing people greet me with the question, “How are you?” (or “How is it going?”). While at first this was a seemingly innocuous question, the more I answered this question flippantly or half-heartedly the more that I began to struggle with the intention behind the question.