Category: Relationships

Miscarriage Heartbroken

During my pregnancy my husband was awful to me. We fight a lot and it ended up in me losing the baby. He is a good husband and this fighting only started when I found out I was pregnant. He supported me throughout the grieving process but I started to lose interest in my marriage. Just when I was able to fall in love with my husband again I fell in love with another man.

My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me But We Still Live Together

My girlfriend broke up with me about 5 months ago, but we have decided to live together for the time being until we sell our house that we bought together. She says that she just feels that she doesn’t like the way her life in general is and that she lost passion in our relationship. Throughout the 5 months it was a good relationship so I thought that we would get back together, that is until she started seeing this guy.

Fighting for Family

My boyfriend will soon become my fiancĂ©, and although our relationship is mostly wonderful, there is one hurdle I hope to cross. My boyfriend hates my mother. In some ways, this is completely understandable. His experience with her has largely been negative. Although she likes him a lot, she has a very rocky relationship with me, and our fights have often affected my relationship with my boyfriend. When we do get married, he will become part of my family, and I don’t want our relationship with them to crumble. Is it wrong of me to ask him to be polite and civil, even to my dysfunctional mother, for the sake of me keeping a good relationship with my family?

Dead End

After my breakup from a serious relationship, I found a new guy during my “finding myself” phase. At first we said that we would take things slow, but things quickly turned intimate. He comforts me, holds my hand, kisses me on the forehead randomly, cuddling with me at night. That’s all great but when I said that we should take our relationship to the next step, he says that he just wants to take it slow because of his rough past. Is this a lost cause? Should I give up and run?

Divorce with Regret

Since my ex-husband’s wife became critically ill, he started reaching out to me for support and just to talk. I am thinking he is letting me know that if something happens to his wife he wants us to be together again. Are my thoughts just wishful thinking or is he giving me subtle hints?