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The Hoopers

Dr. Ryan and Kate are a married couple residing in Chicago, IL. After meeting in college, Kate and Ryan moved to St. Louis, Chicago, Seattle and then back to Chicago where they live with their beloved dog, a blind miniature pinscher named Addison. Like most relationships, they have experienced their share of ups and downs including a two-year dating break that led to a lot of growing up and a realization that life is much better together. 

Their break up and subsequent reunion challenged them to work through their issues in a focused and constructive way, which later served as the foundation for their approach to relationship advice. The idea for Dear Hoopers stemmed from a series of encounters where Dr. Ryan and Kate found themselves co-mediating relationship difficulties with friends and family. The dual engagement offered two uniquely different perspectives. It also became apparent that a greater audience may benefit. Dear Hoopers are advice columnists for the modern world, providing a clinical and compassionate perspective to help you navigate your relationship struggles. 

Dr. Ryan Hooper, PhD, ABPPOnline Advice Columnists Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ryan Hooper

Dr. Ryan is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, practicing in Chicago. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Medicine as well as Lecturer at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Dr. Ryan has worked with clients from many backgrounds, including military veterans and professional athletes. In addition to his work with the Veteran’s National Health Care System, he has also served as a clinician in private practice and with the National Football League (NFL). Dr. Ryan has experience in treating clients experiencing a wide range of mental health struggles including Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, and Trauma-related disorders. He has provided numerous workshops and trainings on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as numerous presentations on the impact of trauma on mental health functioning.

Dr. Ryan received his M.S and Ph.D. from Saint Louis University, Department of Clinical Psychology, after which he completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the VA’s Center of Excellence for Substance Use Disorder Treatment at the Seattle VA Hospital. He received board certification in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology in 2016. Dr. Ryan is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Treatment, and the Society of Clinical Psychology.

Kate HooperOnline Advice Columnists Kate Hooper

With a decade of working in public relations and sales, Kate’s varied career experience has involved working with professional athletes, neurosurgeons and fortune 500 companies. Seasoned in media relations, Kate has experience working with clients in print, TV, radio and new media.

It’s not just the big city perspective that Kate brings to her advice. Until she left home to attend college in the deep south, Kate’s world was bordered by rye grass fields and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in rural Oregon. 

When she’s not in Chicago, she’s most likely in a city near you. Kate’s passion for adventure has taken her around the world where she credits new cultural exploration to a wider eye of the world. A strong supporter of equal rights, Kate is passionate about breaking barriers for women in the workforce and strengthening the community that she calls home. In her spare time, Kate can be found surveying the latest culinary scene,  bouncing around music venues, and day dreaming about visiting cities she has yet to see.  Her goal for this advice column is to be a support to advice seekers and readers with a new perspective that can help bring a positive change.