Will your relationship stand the test of time?
Relationships can be the most rewarding part of life! To love together, learn together, cry together, support one another—oh the bliss! But making your relationship stand the test of time is incredibly difficult.
Can you relate?
We created Dear Hoopers because of people like you—people like us! That’s why week after week we take your questions and provide real life responses, offering “clinical and compassionate” (i.e.: science-informed resources and compassionate practical tips) for people who are seeking guidance and a community that understands.

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology (Ryan) and an ambitious resourceful drive (Kate) we set our minds to pulling relationship resources and tapping into the latest research on couples therapy to help us not only improve our relationship, but become equipped with practical tools that we could turn to in tougher times.  
We’re here to share those resources and insights with you beginning with our "Expert Guide to An Unbreakable Relationship" featuring 3 key ingredients to a beautiful long-lasting relationship. Click on the Link Below to Access Your Free Guide and join in the journey to a better relationship.
Dr. Ryan and Kate Hooper
You Can Have An Unbreakable Relationship!
Feel like your relationship could use a reboot? Love is an action and there is always room for improvement. By implementing 3 simple steps you will be on your way to a healthier, happier, relationship that lasts!
Let's get to it!